Features :
.Registry Watcher will protect and clean critical parts of registry.
.Antivirus provides interactive messages for particular type of registry changes, so that users can decide whether to allow corresponding registry change or not.
.This Antivirus can scan files that are locked and files that are being used by other processes.
.System restore is provided for user to restore system easily.
.Users can also restore their deleted files through quarantine, if the file is quarantined.
.File Watcher will protect all the files in your system if it is set to HIGH level.
.Antivirus alerts the users about all file creations and changes in the system. So users can be aware of changes happening in the system and can understand if virus is attacking their system.
.RAM file scanning is also provided to destroy malwares in your RAM.
.You can also disable or enable autorun facility of CD/DVD/USB drives through antivirus user interface.
.Users have the freedom to finalize the action to be performed when a virus is found.
.Facility to shutdown system after scanning.
.Users can schedule different types of scan with different periods. And can also schedule database updates.
.You do not need to worry about any settings change without your knowledge since; you can restrict it by providing a password.
.Custom scanning is provided for scanning user intended folders or files.
.User can change scanning level and even turn off all watchers if they need.
.User interface is provided with an overview so that users can understand the working of antivirus easily.
.Users are provided with various reports such as virus detected in your system, important registry changes, different scans performed in the system etc.

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